30.9.2000 - 20:00 - Will

Exclusive Music Track
An exclusive song for Jet, by ToneArt. This MP3 download is available from the download page. More information on ToneArt is available upon request.

24.9.2000 - 13:20 - Will

Version 2.05 released
A slightly more significant release, featuring some gameplay tweaks, extra events and several bug fixes. Download from the download page, an upgrade zip file is also available.

29.7.2000 - 12:20 - Will

Version 2.04 released
This is a minor bug-fix that fixes some known and un-known problems related to gameplay. Thanks to the guys who posted the bugs in the forum. Expect a bigger update soon.

23.7.2000 - 18:00 - Will

New Site Launch!
Welcome to the new-look Jet! website. After many months of R&D (okay a couple of days!) it's finally finished. Please feel free to post any comments about the new design in the forum.
(which will be intergrated into the new design in a few days)

29.6.2000 - 23:35 - Will

Jet! featured on lockergnome.com
Lockergnome, a daily/weekly digest of computer software, games, themes etc, has featured Jet! in its 01.07.2000 issue.
Here's an extract:

"You've drawn a loan, but it's pay back time. Thirty turns is all you have to pay of the loan shark and make as much money as possible. Market rules apply here: you gotta spend money to make money."