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is Will Kelly — a freelance web developer based near London, offering bespoke web development, design & consultancy.

Some client work

  • Resourceful Cook - PHP Development, Javascript
  • National Geographic: Education Video
  • Photo Library
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Key-2 Luxury
  • Railbookers

Services offered include CMS's, e-commerce, email marketing, web apps, hosting & more...

Technologies used include HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Ajax), PHP, MySQL & Flash

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Resourceful Cook

A new start-up, this clever meal-planning site generates a shopping list for a weeks worth of food.

Technical lead responsible for the development of the back-end systems (including interactive recipe builder) and the front-end user interface. LAMP stack.

» resourcefulcook.com

Key-2 Luxury

The silver key ring entitles the holder to privileges at leading hotels, bars, restaurants etc around the world.

Features include a full CMS/CRM for managing content and client data, a customer portal, customised tracking and newsletter system.

» www.key2luxury.com

National Geographic: Education Video

NGS's online video library for their Educational sale and distribution.

Provided a CMS to manage films, a jQuery powered 'lightbox' system to allow customers to order films as well as an advanced search facility.

» www.natgeoeducationvideo.com

Fruit of the Loom: Imprint 2010

Development of the European site aimed at distributors of Fruits iconic range

Front-end HTML/CSS and Javascript (jQuery) build, full back-end development including internationalisation and a CMS.

» www.fruitoftheloom.eu

Robbie Williams: Photo Library

An internal photo library tool for Robbie Williams' management company.

A fully featured (and great looking) asset management system offering lightbox functions and dynamic previews


European short breaks and holidays by Eurostar and train, to destinations including Paris & Brussels.

Was responsible for full design and development of their site. This included a CMS, e-commerce ticket sales and internal intranet.

» www.railbookers.com